Welcome to Viegli. Viegli means “easy” and we like to think we’re different! Rather than placing reams of worthless information on our website for you to plough through, our approach is more simple.

Viegli is a business filled with expertise. We are experts in the three areas that encompass our portfolio; Contact Centres, Networking, and Hosted Telephony.

We make you three simple promises:

  • Absolutely no hidden or "made up" charges.
  • No self-renewing contracts.
  • Instant access to subject experts.
Ultimate User Experience

Deliver tools so simple to use that empower your staff to offer your customers exceptional service. Deliver “Autonomy” for your agents and watch your customer service levels fly.

Supported 24/7/365
Our absolute commitment to customer service means you are supported for every minute of every day. Real time monitoring tools are used ensuring your Contact Centre is always there delivering for you. Customer service is the bedrock on which Viegli sits. We are with you all the way.
Omni Channel
Bring all of your contact mediums (Voice, Email, Web Chat & Social Media) into a single place. Empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer service.
Viegli will help you revolutionise the way you interact with your customers.
Report and Report Again
Deliver real time and historical reporting that can turbocharge the way you deal with your customers. 
Introduce workforce management tools and metric and watch your contact centre fly.
Brain Centric
Discover how using the proven ‘SCARF’ neuroscience model can dramatically increase your agent engagement.
Happy staff means happy clients. Let Viegli help you discover how.
Customer Experience
Deliver options for your customers that offer a truly memorable customer experience.
Make it easy for people to do business with you.
"Our service can only be as good as the businesses we partner with. When you deal with enterprise grade solutions you have to partner with world class businesses. I am proud to be associated with all of our key suppliers"
Robert Nunn
Viegli Managing Director

Our Key Suppliers

Here at Viegli we believe in only the best, so our suppliers have to reflect that.


With over 160 years of telecoms heritage Unify, now owned by Atos, is one of the leading communications platforms on the planet.


World class solutions require world class networks and network security.




World class networks require world class network switches.


Bring the power of brain centric wallboards to your business.




We are proud to partner with Virtual1 with whom we deliver sensational WAN capability.