At Viegli we are committed to providing excellent bespoke telephony and network solutions
Let us handle the boring bits so you can focus on your business.
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Why Viegli

Our “Why” is pretty simple. We want to disrupt the technology industry and shake out nasty tactics used by the industry giants.


We are committed to honest and clear communication. We believe the best way to provide our customers and resellers with excellence is by building genuine relationships with them. We will be with you for every step of your journey with us, ensuring that you are getting good quality help and products from us, and that you can trust us to listen to your concerns or issues.


We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution to make your business thrive.

What We Do


You can connect any existing phone system to Microsoft Teams in minutes!


Office landscape

Viegli Voice

Industry Leading Telephony, Hosted.

30-day rolling contracts, handsets included.




A powerful unified communication suite that enhances productivity.




Viegli are Virtual1 Elite partners and we work with many of our partners to help them deliver Ethernet based wide area networks.


Set up your cloud based fax subscription today.



Contact Centres

We can provide exceptional call recording and reporting systems, as well as fantastic wall boards to get your Contact Centre up to speed.


About Viegli

Viegli means easy. We are committed to making your journey with us as easy as possible. Viegli was born out of a frustration with “dirty tactics” and hidden fees seen throughout our industry.

Many large companies try to manipulate their clients by adding in confusing fixed charges without actually providing the service their customers are paying for. We came to change that. We believe in transparency and simplicity.

Based in St Neots, we have curated a team of industry experts, ready to tackle any challenges they may face.


If you want a company that will be open and honest with you, that will support you continuously, then Viegli is the company for you.

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