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We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable heroes who value supporting our resellers and their clients.

Viegli don’t just distribute the Atos Unify portfolio, we’ve shared the same journey as a reseller. We’ve experienced the same pain and frustration when the the market wanted to drag you in a direction that wasn’t in the interests of your clients. We get it! And we’re hellbent on changing it.

Whether it’s Capex, Opex, Hosted, Hybrid or On-Premise systems and support, we’ll help you every step of the way to deliver exceptional service to your clients, with Europe’s #1 telephony vendor.

What do you need to succeed in business today? Flexibility, top quality service, trust in your platform to deliver in an ever changing environment? We provide the solutions to all this, via the best hardware on the market today.

We help you sell the #1 telephony vendor in Europe, and bolt on the products and services that make the big difference to your customers.

A trusted advisor beats “sales person” every day, so don’t be the one that just provides the best price, because that won’t satisfy anyone. 

No one wants the cheapest if it doesn’t do what it has to. The Atos Unify portfolio ticks every box for the smart reseller.

Opex vs Capex

Hosted ? Or on premise? Which is best for the client? You can offer both, let them decide….

Viegli can introduce you to lending partners that will deliver Capex on lease rental. Whichever finance route your clients choose, we can blend to suit.

Perpetual rentals offer the reseller guaranteed income for the length of the contract, but is it in the the best interests of your client? With Viegli, and the Atos Unify Portfolio you can now offer both Opex and Capex options, so let your client decide.

To read more about how we can help your funding options click here

The advantages of using Viegli as your distributor:

Sales Training & Updates

Using iMA (the universal language of connectivity) and our excellent training facilities, we will train your sales staff FREE OF CHARGE to sell the Atos Unify portfolio.

We also run regular sales updates, product launches and knowledge sessions for our resellers.

Seminars and conferences

We run regular sales, technical and training updates either on premise, at your premises or remotely via Microsoft Teams.

We aim to keep you constantly up to date and more educated than your competition.

 Be Better! If you sell the right solution to your client, that client will be there for the next 5-10 years. Other vendors come and go, but Atos Unify has over 160 years of demonstrable growth, knowledge and the successful branding that goers with being #1 in Europe. That’s a big “so what?” Once you propose Atos Unify, and the service we can provide for you, they’ll never look back.

Viegli - it means easy…only better!