Staff Spotlight – Meet Rob

Today I booked some time in with the ever-busy Robert Nunn to ask him some questions.


Anyone who’s had a video chat with Rob won’t be surprised to find out he loves cricket, but you might be a bit shocked to find out when he got into it!


Let’s dive in and find out more about Mr Viegli himself.

So, Rob, let’s start with an easy one, what is your position here at Viegli?

For my sins I’m the managing director and owner of the company.


And when did you found Viegli?

Viegli came to be in 2012 co-founded with Chris Riggs. Chris left the business in early 2019.


What made you want to have your own company?

Back in 2002 I formed my first business called emedia, we were a lines and calls business. I’ve been my own boss since then. I guess the main reason why was to be in control of my own destiny.


Where is your favourite place you have worked?

Well right here right now, that’s Viegli. In terms of employment the best place I worked, without question, was Olympus. That was back in the late 90’s!


I’m glad to hear you’re happy here with us! I take it you’ve been in the communications industry for some time now, how did you get started?

I was in the business comms division at Olympus who were famous for cameras but not phones. The business comms division was an epic, entrepreneurial environment. Since then I’ve worked in channel and direct businesses within communications, so I have loads of experience across all the comms sectors.


Ok, last work-related question, what is your favourite thing about coming to work?

I love Viegli. I love the fact that we put the client at the centre of our universe. For too long our industry has been tarnished by a brush of the few that do ‘less than honest’ transactions with clients.


We’re building a great community of resellers who share our beliefs and values and hopefully we’re helping to renew faith in our industry. 

Now onto the more “personal” questions… Where is the best place you’ve been?

During the early noughties I spent lots of time in Europe. I spent 3 months in Prague which is an amazing city. I’m not sure it’s my favourite but China is definitely an eye opener. Las Vegas is fun for the CES show and Frankfurt has a great old town with amazing food.


For holidays it would be Rome.


Wow, you are very well travelled, is there anywhere you’d love to visit but haven’t yet?

I’d love to go to New Zealand. Mrs Nunn hates flying though so I’ll probably need a divorce before I can go. I definitely want to go and watch England play cricket in Australia and the West Indies too. 


Are you interested in cricket outside of watching it?

I started to play and coach cricket when I was 40! Up until then it was all about football. Now I’m hooked. I love cricket.


That’s an interesting shift in direction, do you have any other hobbies?

I also like DIY and I’ve started to try and look after myself a bit better!

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

I’m not at all interesting! I was a really good footballer, curtailed by injury though. I did spend one epic night with George Best in the pub, he really was a legend and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


What would you do if you won the lottery?

Easy – I’d go to New Zealand and go watch the cricket in Australia and the West Indies but for longer and in more style!


That makes sense, I assume Mrs Nunn would sit out of those trips though!


Ok, another what if question – If you had any superpower what would it be? 

I’d be like Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”. I think the line goes “If men are from Mars then Women are from Venus” and he spoke Venution 😊


Personally, I don’t think women are that hard to understand but I’m biased!

We’re moving on to the final few questions now.


If you weren’t working here at Viegli as MD what would your dream job be?

I’d love to be an ICC Panel Umpire for cricket. Imagine watching world class cricketers from 22 yards away – epic!


You definitely weren’t exaggerating when you said you love cricket then!

Where do you see yourself and Viegli in the next 5 years?

 I’m hoping that Viegli will have 500 resellers and new members to our already awesome team. I’ll still be here doing what I do and enjoying every moment.


I hope Viegli keeps growing too, it will be great to have more people to interview haha!


If you had a dinner party with 4 guests (dead or alive) who would you invite?

This is really hard. I think I’d have a mix of intellectual and funny people so let’s go with Jordan B Peterson, Simon Sinek, Sir Ian Botham and probably Greg Davies or Jimmy Carr!


That sounds like a great mix of people!


Ok, one quick one to finish us off here. What is your favourite movie?

That’s easy (and predictable) – Shawshank Redemption



Massive thanks to Rob for sitting down with me to have a chat!

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“The best day of my life” | Robert Nunn | 25th August 2019

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