6 Benefits of Call2Teams

Before the coronavirus pandemic forced companies to allow remote working, there were fears that productivity and work ethic would decrease if employees could work from home regularly. However, we have seen that this is not the case. According to McKinsey 80% of those surveyed enjoy working from home, and 69% believe they are as or more productive than they were in the office. It is possible that the reason for this is that without the long commute, people are feeling more well rested, and that they have a better balance between home and work life. A study conducted by Oxford University found that happy employees experienced a 13% increase in productivity. Thus, companies see great benefits in continuing to allow their staff remote working solutions.

Over six months on from the start of lockdown, restrictions are gradually lifting. As of August, businesses were able to decide whether to reopen. Many businesses are seriously considering their options going forward. The realisation that home working is a viable option for many staff is changing the way businesses are thinking about their future strategy.

Many tools have been utilised to help employees work effectively home, the most popular choice being Microsoft Teams. With its enhanced collaboration features, such as the virtual whiteboard, meeting functionality, and file sharing, it is easy to see why. So, as the world reopens, will there still a place for Teams in the workplace?


Looking forward there seem to be new options for businesses as they consider the next steps out of lockdown. Some may choose to move to an entirely remote workforce, permanently, and move out of their physical offices. However, there is also the option to create a hybrid solution where employees can either work from home or the office as required. Alternatively, only those staff who must be in the office will come in and everyone else will permanently work from home.

With staff continuing to be separated in this way it is clear that Teams will very much has a place for companies as we move forward, even those who do decide to reopen their offices at all.


Whilst Teams has enabled employees to collaborate and has allowed internal office conversations and meetings to continue, calling customers and suppliers externally has been more of a challenge! For many the only option has been to revert to using mobile phones, which is not very satisfactory – especially if they are personal devices.  


Call2Teams™ provides the perfect solution to this problem. For office based, remote, and hybrid remote workforces, Call2Teams™ bridges the gap between Microsoft Teams and a company’s telephone system. Put simply, users can make and receive external calls, through their existing extension number, in virtually any location and on any device.

What are the Benefits of Call2Teams™?

Keep Functionality
With Call2Teams™ you get the best of both worlds – you retain the functionality and flexibility of your telephone system. Existing direct dial numbers can be retained, and all the routing of calls will continue to be controlled by the telephony platform. Furthermore, you will continue to benefit from any inclusive call (minutes) bundles that you may have in place for outgoing calls, whether these are made from within Teams or from a phone in the office.   
No Fixed Terms

We don’t believe in holding contracts over our customers heads and forcing them to continue commitments that may no longer be right for them. With Call2Teams™ you have added flexibility as you are able to add and remove licenses as needed, operating on a 30-day rolling contract.

No Wasted Licenses
Not all employees are going to need the calling function in Teams. Save money and time by only licensing up users who will benefit from the calling function!
Make and Receive Calls on any device
Whether you’re in the car on your way home, working in your kitchen, or sat at your desk, you can make and receive calls from any device that is connected to Teams.
Switch between Home and Office seamlessly
Access your files, calls, contacts, and colleagues whether you’re working at your desk or in your kitchen, no need to be tied to the office.
30-day Free Trial
Don’t just take our word for it, why not try it out for yourself for free.

If you’re interested in starting your 30-day free trial, or want to become a Call2Teams™ reseller,
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