2020, A Year of Change

The way our business works has changed since this time last year.

With a team now dominated by women, and new paths being carved out for our business to take. We have faced a lot of change this year, and we want to take you on the journey we've had throughout 2020...

A timeline of 2020
The Beginning

In January 2020, we were a small team, working in the office everyday, unless we were on site with a customer. Our focus was on providing telephony and networking solutions, as well as being equipped with excellent Contact Centre technology. We were even preparing to host an event in March all about the ISDN switchover.


Then in March 2020 a pandemic hit us and we went into National Lockdown. In a time of great uncertainty, we encountered a product that just made sense. 


Enter Call2Teams.


Rob, our MD, was approached to see if he could configure Call2Teams™ to work with Unify phone systems. In the process he realised it was an amazing product, particularly in the light of the new way of working. Call2Teams™ was the solution to a struggle we had seen many of our own clients face. It brought the phone system home, without the need for a handset.


This was a pivotal moment for Viegli, as this was when we entered the world of Distributorship.

The Middle

As we entered summer, the global and local situation appeared to be improving. So we started working towards being back in the office together. We had to catch up our furloughed staff, and keep growing through our new challenges.


Then at the tail end of summer, we realised that there was a “new normal” when it came to working. Companies were realising working from home wasn’t as difficult, and didn’t have the damaging effects many feared. So, we began working on our own hosted telephony solution, so working from home could become a staple in every business going forward.


Viegli has and will always be driven by a desire to weed the “dirty” tactics out of the industry. Our focus is on making things easy for the customer. That’s why we offer many of our services on a 30-day rolling contract, with absolutely no minimum terms! Customers should stay with a provider out of choice, not because they are tied in.

The End

At the tail end of the year the activity behind the scenes really ramped up. In October we went back to home working. We made more permanent steps toward our employees becoming home based long term. That is when inspiration struck and we started formulating an idea for another new service.


We wanted to create a learning platform for office equipment, where end users can log in and learn whenever they have time. It is a great way for new starters in a company to catch up and get ready to dive in. However, it is also for those who have been using their systems a while, but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet to harness the full potential of their office tech! Thus, Viegli Academy was born. This is where Keren comes in. 


Many of you in the industry will be familiar with the name Keren Irving. She is a training expert and no doubt an invaluable resource to the team, especially as we move forward with Viegli Academy. With her brain powering each and every lesson that goes on to Viegli Academy, you know they will be thorough and easy to follow.


This year we were all thrown a curveball, and it’s safe to say it was a challenging year for everyone. We doubt anyone is where they expected to end up this time last year. After the strangest year we hope 2021 is a bit better, even if it hasn’t started in the best way!


To summarise, 2020, whilst not at all what anyone expected, has brought a lot of change upon Viegli. Learning to adapt is one of the hardest things anyone can do. We are really proud of everyone in our team for adapting so quickly and easily to our new way of working. The effort that has gone in to everything we have done this year is phenomenal. We can only wait to see what this team does next.

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