Contact Centre

Focusing on people first, technology second.

The contact centre industry is quite a challenge. There are dozens of vendors all showing us amazing technology that will “change the way you work” or “deliver amazing productivity gains”

Here is the truth though. None of these things are possible unless you get full engagement from your staff. 

You have to lead with people and not technology!

Now that might sound counter intuitive coming from a business that sells contact centre technology and to most, it is. 

Here at Viegli we put your business needs, your staffs’ needs, and your customer service needs first – bending technology to your will, and not the will of the vendor.

We have access to world leading technology and we can cater for contact centres from 5 to 7000 agents. What makes us different is that we lead with people and not products.

Any Deployment

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise.

Small Business

Contact centre technology is no longer the reserve of corporate clients. You may be a small business with as few as 5 members of staff within your customer service team. Our proven methodology and technology options can help smaller businesses transform the way they interact with their clients and deliver exceptional staff and customer engagement.

Medium Business

For contact centres for up to 150 agents with 100 logged in at any one time we leverage the power of Unify Openscape Contact Centre Enterprise and Openscape Business for voice. Delivering the ultimate balance between cost and performance delivering a true omni-channel contact centre experience.

Large Business

Our award winning, world leading options from Unify and Nice In-Contact can deliver everything you need for your contact centre. We have access to experts within every sector of the contact centre industry. Our role within a large deployment is delivering world class project management and helping you achieve your goals.