Congratulations !

When someone asks, “What Colour are You?” tell them “iMA High Blue”!

You are a pleasant co-operative warm supportive team player. You need reassurance that you are liked and personal assurances that you are doing a good job help you to feel comfortable within your job.

Every High Blue has a "Sweet Spot", the things that you are naturally good at - things you do effortlessly that boost your self confidence - keep you excited - give you energy - and you get your greatest rewards. To help you uncover your Sweet Spot and make your life easier, happier and more productive contact us for more information.

iMA High Blues answer Yes!

High Blues tend to answer "Yes!" to many of the following questions:

  • Do you prefer stability at work and at home? Do you tend to avoid risks and change, and only accept change a little at a time?
  • Do you take your time to make the “right” decisions and you often seek advice from others?
  • Do you dislike pushy, aggressive behaviour?
  • Are you a natural team player who likes to be involved in groups as opposed to independent activities?
  • At work, do you prefer to know the step-by-step sequence of projects and tasks?
  • Do you tend to procrastinate getting started until everything is in place?

High Blues Need: Friendship

  • You Want: To be Liked
  • For Others: To be Pleasant
  • To Maintain: Relationships
  • Excited by: Productive routine