Congratulations !

When someone asks, “What Colour are You?” tell them “iMA High Yellow”!

You and all other High Yellows want to be admired. You need to feel that you are getting the credit you deserve and are quick to draw attention to your achievements.

Every High Yellow has a "Sweet Spot", the things that you are naturally good at - things you do effortlessly that boost your self confidence - keep you excited - give you energy - and you get your greatest rewards. To help you uncover your Sweet Spot and make your life easier, happier and more productive contact us for more information.

iMA High Yellows answer Yes!

High Yellows tend to answer "Yes!" to many of the following questions:

  • Do you tend to make spontaneous decisions?
  • Do others see you as a motivational team player?
  • Are you so busy thinking about the future that you forget the here and now?
  • Do you prefer to interact often with others at work and at home?
  • Is this important to you because you dislike tedium and routine?
  • Do you enjoy running new ideas past other people and gauging their reactions?

High Yellows Need: Approval

  • You Want: To be Admired
  • For Others: To be Stimulating
  • To Maintain: Status
  • Excited by: Exchanging ideas