iMA - The Universal, Colour Based, Language of Connection

Join us on 14th September @2PM and discover more

Have you ever met with someone and no matter how hard you tried – just couldn’t get on?


Have you met someone and within seconds made an instant connection?

You share your comfort zone with 25% of the planet – iMA teaches you how to connect with the other 75%!

Free Courses

Viegli are proud to announce that we’ll be running a series of FREE courses for you and your staff. 

Available remotely via MS Teams or on-premise in our stunning Training & Excellence Centre the iMA courses will help you sell more, build better teams and deliver exceptional customer service.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to iMA

  • Using iMA to sell Unify Openscape Business

  • Building better teams with iMA

  • Contact Centre – what colour do I need?

Register now and join us on 14th September at 2pm to find out more. If you’re curious and you want to know what colour you are then complete our 2 minute, 10 question, questionnaire…..