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CP Handset Range

It’s more than just a phone

Working with frog design, a world renowned industry leader in product design, UNIFY has created a line of beautiful devices that people like to use. The result is a simplified user interface with relevant features combined to meet a broad set of use cases in a concentrated family of phones. We’ve also added numerous interoperability options including the unique opportunities UC integration provides.

The new OpenScape CP Family of phones brings feature evolution and updated capabilities such as:

  • Enterprise desk top voice with collaboration software integration
  • Bluetooth connectivity complemented by Near Field Communication (NFC) for simplified free seating by using your smartphone as a login passport
  • High end audio quality with a stylish, fresh, bold device design
Don't forget to ask us to pre-program or flash your handsets before dispatch!!
Robert Nunn

CP Handsets & Accessories

SKUItem NamePriceAvailabilityAdd to Order
L30250-F600-C426Unify CP200£114.03

1198 in stock (can be backordered)

L30250-F600-C432Unify CP205£166.66

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C427Unify CP400£223.67

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C428Unify CP600£245.61

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C438Unify CP700£271.93

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C439Unify CP700X£349.99

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C142Devices Power Adapter UK£22.81

22 in stock (can be backordered)

L30250-F600-C435Unify CP200T (TDM)£119.31

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C436Unify CP400T (TDM)£223.67

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C429Key Module KM400£61.40

Available on back-order

L30250-F600-C430Key Module KM600£229.44

20 in stock (can be backordered)

L30250-F600-C440Wall Mount Kit CP20x/600/700£43.86

Available on back-order

Viegli Services

SKUItem NamePriceAvailabilityAdd to Order
flash_hfaFlash SIP phones to HFA - per phone£61.40

In stock

prog_hfaPhone Pre-Programming - per phone£92.10

In stock