Industry Leading Telephony, Hosted.
Viegli Voice is built on Unify's industry leading technology, and features no minimum term contracts!
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No Minimum Term
Viegli Voice is billed on a 30-day rolling contract. Your customers will stay because they want to, not because they have to.
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Private Cloud
Dedicated server resource within a fully redundant VmWare environment.
No shared system resources on Viegli Voice.
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What is Viegli Voice?

Viegli Voice is a hosted telephony solution, built on Unify’s industry leading OpenScape Business Technology. Viegli Voice combines features and functions of traditional PBX systems with the ease of mobility of hosted systems. 

Viegli Voice has launched with the premise of making things easy. As a reseller you want to have a good relationship with your service providers so you know you can keep providing excellence to, and more importantly, great relationships with your customers. As your customers’ businesses evolve, they will naturally outgrow their original technology needs, but being stuck in a telephony providers contract can be constrictive and damage customer – reseller relationships. 

Call Reporting

• Embedded within our VmWare core, TIM Enterprise delivers the ultimate web based reporting and analytics package for your hosted platform.
• Get unlimited wall boards and unlimited user access.within the standard user cost.
Intuitive reports | Centralised solution |
Unlimited hierarchy | Easy access |
International timezone reconcilliation

Call Recording

• Priced on number of recorded users (minimum 5).
• Get 12 months of immediate access storage and a further 2 years of archive included within the standard user cost.
Click to play | Call masking | Call annotation |
Call auditing | Call scoring | Safety & Security

Remote Working

• Pair desk phones and MS Teams extensions for ultimate flexibility.
• Work anywhere, anytime - on any device.
• Use the integrated UC Suite with either the standalone myPortal application or the MyPortal for Outlook plugin to deliver a rich, desktop environment for your desk phones

Handsets Included

• Full access to 100’s of traditional and essential features such as call pickup, call parking and much, much more.
• Great range of handsets from basic to full colour screen manager phones.
• BYOD - bring your own SIP handsets with 3rd Party device licences.

Private Cloud

• Dedicated server resource within a fully redundant VmWare environment.
• No shared system resources on Viegli Voice.
• Enterprise grade servers, firewalls and connectivity. Private peering to carrier networks.
• 99.99% guaranteed uptime on dedicated sever.

No Minimum Term

• Absolutely NO contract term.
• Billed on a 30 day rolling contract.
• Only stay because you want to, not because you have to.
• Just return any hardware.

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